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Our ancestors lived in a simpler world where possessions were naturally reused and recycled. Craftsmen made containers of glass and metal. Customers cleaned and used those items repeatedly. They also treated clothing and cloth items with care. Cleaning and mending extended the life of the cloth. In light of current world economic conditions, and compounded by an earth polluted daily by our throw away society, consumers are placing more value in products that can be used and preserved rather than tossed in the trash.

Operating since 2005 here at Calico Bags Australia, we are proud to offer a complete line of Printed Calico Bags. We offer calico bags in a wide variety of styles and colours with a choice of handles. These beautiful bags, printed with your corporate logo, proudly proclaim to the world that your company believes in a cleaner, healthier earth. The person carrying your bag sends a message of personal responsibility while promoting your business at the same time. Our enviro bags are the perfect replacement for the ugly, polluting plastic bags that litter our landscape and clog our waterways.

Calico, a woven cotton based material, dates back to India in the early 11th century. Calico Bags Australia uses the highest quality calico fabric, still manufactured in India. Founded in 2005, Calico Bags leads Australia in the promotional marketing industry. Our fine calico bags are the perfect canvas for your environmentally focused, screen printed message to the world.

How Do I Begin?

We offer an extensive line of enviro bags made in a range of colours and standard sizes. Browse our line of bags and select the one that meets your promotional needs. Customized bags, made to your unique size and colour specifications, are available with orders of 500 bags or more.  Simply choose you bag that suits your requirements and then let us artwork or printing requirements and then we print these details direct onto the bags of your choice.  Not sure which Calico Bags you need?  Just ask for free samples, we are more than happy to send these out to you as a client and we want to make sure you choose the right bag before placing your order. 

How Are The Bags Decorated?

Your order will be screen printed with your customised logo or message. Screen printing options include one to five colour prints. We screen print your design on our bags. Screen printing ensures an exact replica of your artwork on every bag we print. Calico, normally a white fabric, is the perfect background for your message. Colour also bonds beautifully with the cotton fibers, giving you a professional, crisp print. Our graphic design department stands by to assist you with your order. We can clean up your artwork and show you how the finished product will look. We also provide free visual mock-ups and samples for customers unfamiliar with the quality and beauty of our product, etc. 

Digital Prints - We can take your complex artwork(images or photographs) and print these onto Calico Bags of your choice.  Our digital printing ensures an exact match to your artwork.  Colours are displayed in full colour and the Calico Bags that we do print like this regularly look absolutely stunning.  To enquire about costs regarding this service, simply call one of our customer service operators and we shall provide you with a detailed quotation upon viewing your artwork.  This process need to be done case by case, but rest assured our pricing is some of the most affordable you will find in Australia. 

Promote Your Company and Protect the Environment

Printed Calico bags offer a natural, environmentally friendly and affordable opportunity to promote your business or organization. These bags fill a need for an environmentally conscious consumer. Today's shopper is keenly aware the impact cast off plastic has on our country and our earth. By coupling your corporate brand with a product that shouts responsibility and sustainability, you reap a large benefit from your advertising budget. Just as important, you offer an educated choice to your customers every time they use your bag.

Five Star Calico Bags And A Money Back Guarantee!

Placing your logo or message on a natural, high quality bag is our business. Our goal is to get it right, every time. We guarantee the highest quality, best value, and excellent service with every order. If we do not deliver on that promise, we will refund your money. Because we do deliver on that promise, your promotional marketing skyrockets to the next level while you responsibly protect our earth. 

Large Orders

Yes we do offer great discounts for larger orders!  Orders over 500 units attract healthy discounts and if you have 8 weeks + of lead in time we can also offer you a manufacture and printing service offshore, which can typically SAVE you 20-30%.  Simply enquire via a phne call or send us an email regarding your requirements and we can offer you the best pricing for this service.


Urgent orders are what we specalise in EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK.  Rest assured you will be in great hands dealing with us.  Depending on where your location is we can print and deliver our Calico Bags to you within 6-7 days(Sydney & Melbourne)  If you are located in other parts of Australia, we ensure you have your bags within the time frames agreed to you by our staff.  We are more than happy to assist you as a customer so please call and discuss your situation with our operators for more detailed information.  We work very closely with local couriers and have established relationships that enable our business to seperate us from the rest.  Rest assured if we can't meet your deadlines no will be able to, but just give yourself a little time and trust one of Australia's leading suppliers of Calico Bags.

Who Do We Supply To?

Basically anyone.  If you have a need for high quality Calico Bags at low prices then we can meet your requirements.  Some of our more typical end users include Councils, Libraries, Schools, Universities, Markets, Retailers, Businesses, Companies and more.     

What Else Do We Offer?

Our selection of Calico Bags can also be purchased plain or undecorated for your benefit.  Natural cotton Calico Bags offer many organisations and craft speciality shops the ability to hand decorate your very own merchandise.  Print, sew, bleach or even tie-die your very own favourite Calico Bags today with Calico Bags Australia.   If you are a non for profit organisation contact us today for special pricing on our entire bags range.  We certainly love to assist these types of genuine people in any way we can.  We look forward to assisting your enquiry and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call today.  



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