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Our small range of boutique Drawstring Calico Bags offer consumers the ability to secure all of their items in one trusty eco friendly, reusable bag.  Manufactured from a high quality plain woven Calico textile, they are well suited to a wide range of organisations and businesses.  Libraries typically tend to purchase these types of bags for children and teens due to the fact that books and other items are less likely to go astray.  Featuring a lightweight design and plenty of room on the inside, these bags can be decorated with your business name or logo.  For ease of use we have included decoration into all of pricing.  This includes a one colour print with all of our bags.  All of our calico drawstring bags are also machine washable, so once you have had them for a while and they are looking a little tired, simply place them in the washing machine to bring them right back to life.  The drawstring construction is very high quality.  We use thick cotton card to assist in the manufacturing process and also double-stitch all our seams around the string for added durability.

If you have any questions or comments regarding our selection here simply contact one of our friendly customer service operators today.   

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(New) Tarra Calico Backsack
(New) Tarra Calico Backsack
$2.43 AUD

Code: CBB12
Ultimate Calico Ham Bag
Ultimate Calico Ham Bag
$2.05 AUD

Code: CBABC13
Australian Calico Libary Bag
Australian Calico Libary Bag
$2.84 AUD

Code: CB S605LL

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