Printing Solutions

Here at Boost, we offer you the most extensive range of printing solutions for your custom branded merchandise. Adding logo’s or text to any type of promotional product can be a new experience for people, so with this informative web page, we give you the complete rundown on the types of print solutions and which products can be branded with various types of print.

Placing an investment with printed merchandise is a significant investment for any business, company or organisation. Make sure the type of item/s you are choosing resonated with your target audience. This is a compelling way to improve your companies reputation and grow your brand. Here at Boost, we are an established wholesale supplier of print merchandise and we can take your branding project to the next level for many years to come. Our initial response is to collaborate with you as the client and to make sure your buying with the end-user in mind. In today’s market, there is a lot of different decoration methods that we can utilise to create the perfect promotional items, each of these offer a different aesthetic.

Within the contents below, you will find a list of the most common decoration methods that you will see on a wide variety of our items. We also offer explanations for each method which in turn gives you an idea of what to look for when you are printing your logo onto a product.

Screen Printing

Screen Printing

With a history of more than a thousand years old, this tried and trusted printing technique is can achieve some incredible results with your art. Screen printing, also known as silk screen printing, is on the most practical and popular printing techniques in the Australian promotions industry. Some of the more popular products that we can print on with this type of decoration include textiles such as custom t-shirts and promotional bags. This type of print is achieved by forcing ink through a fine mesh screen with an object called a “squeegee” onto the item.


  • Large scale print areas are possible
  • PMS colour matches are possible, but this depends on the type of textile
  • Well suited to large solid colour areas e.g. tote and calico bags
  • The inks that we use are fast-drying, therefore your items can be printed and dispatched FAST
  • Metallic colours are possible.
  • Cost-effective
  • Able to print 1-4 colours
  • A very durable printing technique


What Type Of Products Can I Screen Print On?

Bags – Including backpacks, conference bags, cooler bags, cotton/calico bags, drawstring bags, duffle bags, gift bags, jute bags, laptop bags, lunch bags, paper bags, satchels, shopping bags, sports bags, toiletry bags, totes, wine carriers

Drinkware – Including cups, tumblers, bottles, presentation boxes, reusable coffee cups, sports shakers, thermal mugs, vacuum drinkware

Business – Including desk items, lanyards, notebooks, pencil cases, portfolios, compendiums, rulers, stationery

Leisure – Including blankets, camping & outdoors, chairs, home & living, picnic, bbq items, travel, umbrellas, wine & cheese items

Headwear – Including caps (bucket, 5 panel, 6 panel, flat peak, trucker, golf, sports) school headwear, visors, wide-brim hats

Apparel/Clothing – Including t-shirts, singlets, hoodies, hi-vis garments, polo shirts, jackets, vests, aprons, scrubs

Pad Printing Machine - Boost

Pad Print

Pad print utilises a silicone pad (displayed in the image above) to transfer ink onto an item for an imprint process. This is one of the more popular ways to print a wide range of items, some of these include pens, drinkware, keyrings, golf balls and much more. This is a great method for printing items with uneven surfaces.


  • Great for printing on curved or uneven surfaces
  • Cost-effective
  • PMS colour match is possible
  • Metallic colours are possible
  • Variable size available – product dependent

What Type of Products Can I Pad Print On?

Items include pens, drinkware, keyrings, calculators, desk items, highlighters, note pads, notebooks, compendiums, rulers, magnets, beach balls, fidget items, stress items, stress balls, car phone holders, USB chargers, charging cables, earbuds, headphones, phone cases, phone wallets, power banks, selfie sticks, speakers, tablet cases, tech accessories, USB hubs, wireless charges, amenities, multi-tools, tape measures, golf, sunglasses

Digital Transfer Print

Digital Transfers

Digital transfers, also known as heat transfers are images printed onto transfer paper and then this item is thermally transferred from the paper onto the fabric/item of your choice resulting in bight vivid logo’s and images reproduced. This modern-day print method is great for complex logos with lots of colour and graduation. A photo finish is the type of result that can be reproduced.

Types Of Digital Transfers

Bubble Cut

The bubble cut is one of our more common types of transfer prints. Most logos contain fine lines and/or fine fonts, so this means a contour cut is not really an option. You can notice we have not cut the holes in the centre of the letter “B”, or the fine line between the “O” and the “X” in the word “Box”. In turn, you can see how we have outlined the pink line on the drawing, giving you a bubble to cut on the logo.

Contour Cut

We use a plotter accurately to cut the path on these types of logos. This is accurate to about 0.5mm. We use a “bleed” on the logo for this type of application and then cut the outline of the font from the bleed. Note: this option is not possible if there is a lot of fine detail in the logo.

Border Cut

If you are incorporating a lot of logo’s into one block, we try to utilise this type of digital print. We simply put a rectangular border around this area to allow for all of the logos printed.


  • Low setup costs for artwork
  • Fast turnaround
  • Print in any colour or combination with “no” limitations
  • Photographic image quality
  • Applications for a wide range of products

What Type Of Products Can I Digital Transfer On?

Drinkware, desk items, portfolios, compendiums, bags (full range), garments (full range including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, polos, singlets, hi-vis and more)

Embroidery Machine


Embroidery uses a machine to stitch threads into the surface of the item you intend to decorate. Matching the yarn colour to your logos and designs is the key and with the very latest print machines at Boost, we can! To achieve this result machinery is computer programmed and the items are decorated at high speed.


  • A distinctive look and high-quality finish
  • Can be done on a range of products including clothing, towels, bags and hats
  • Great colourways available
  • Durable printing technique

What Products Can I Embroider On?

Bags (full range), Caps & Hats (full range – most options), beanies, garments (full range including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, polos, singlets, hi-vis and more)

Laser Engraving Machine

Laser Engraving

Laser engraving produces a natural clean image or logo by using a laser to mark your product of choice. This type of print is very permanent and offer a subtle finish on a wide variety of materials. Please remember different materials produce various effects when engraved.


  • Your logos and designs become part of the surface of the items you brand
  • Cost-effective
  • Higher perceived value compared to other forms of decoration
  • Variable data is available with this printing technique
  • Available on items with uneven surfaces

What Products Can I Laser Engrave On?

Pens (selected wood and metal items), drinkware (metal), keyrings, technology products (flash drives), tools, multi-tools, lights (metal)



Embossing or Debossing is a printing technique involving the process of giving a 3-D look onto various materials and products. Die-cast moulds (stamps) are forged from metals to replicate your logos and designs, these are heated and then stamped into the item of choice. The results are very impressive.


  • A high-quality print technique used for a selected range of products.
  • High perceived value
  • Great for leather items
  • Branding becomes part of the product
  • As soon at the product is decorated it can be shipped

What Products Can I Emboss On?

Portfolios, compendiums, notebooks, folders, pad covers, wallets, satchels (leather), keyrings, bags (selected), tablet cases, Ipad Covers, cardholders, desk accessories, travel accessories, luggage tags

Glass Etching By Boost

Etching/Imitation Etch

Etching is a print technique that uses chemicals to brand materials such as glassware. This old printing technique has been somewhat replaced with imitation etching which uses a special pad printing ink and this option now gives you a very similar finish without the chemicals.


  • Produces a wonderful finish on glassware
  • Can be used on curved surfaces
  • Low cost
  • Looks like real etching, a process that refined over time.

What Products Can I Etch On?


Sublimation Print Mugs

Sublimation Print

A sublimation print can be used on selected surfaces and products. This print method is achieved by using a transfer paper and then this is heat pressed onto the item of choice. Materials need to have the correct coating on them to ensure the process works.


  • Great for reproducing bight vivid photo-quality logos and designs
  • Variable data such as names can be used with this print technique
  • Cost-effective
  • Edge to edge print is available on some items.

What Products Can I Sublimation Print?

Drinkware, cups, mugs

Rotary Digital & Screen Print

Rotary digital print is a printing technique achieved by a “direct to product” machine. This enables curved surfaces to be decorated with bright vivid colours and complex logos. Rotary screen print is similar, however, this option is suited to single colour prints only.


  • Geat for detailed or photo-finish logos
  • Fast dry print decoration option
  • Any colour and combinations can be replicated with no loss of colour
  • Outstanding printing technique with great visual results

What Products Can I Rotary Digital & Screen Print?

Drinkware including bottles, thermos and some travel mugs

Direct Digital Print

Direct Digital Print

This print process uses a direct print approach from a specialised machine. Items can be placed into this computer-controlled device and then the transfer of ink is placed directly onto the item you are branding.


  • Great for complex logo’s and designs
  • Variable data ready e.g. names
  • Fast-drying, ready to ship technique
  • Possible on large objects, with an edge to edge print
  • Affordable costs in recent years

What Products Can I Apply A Direct Digital Print?

Labels, badges, lunch boxes, fridge magnets

Digital Labels

This type of printing technique uses adhesive labels which can be custom printed and applied to corresponding products. These speciality labels are printed with a speciality print machine and can they can vary in size and shape.


  • A versatile printing technique for branding a select range of merchandise
  • Bright vivid colours and detail can be replicated
  • Edge to edge print
  • Variable data such as names is an option

What Products Can I Print With A Digital Label?

Confectionery, sunscreen, lip balms, hand sanitizers